Enabling Manufacturing Innovation Through the Use of Cloud

3rd Platform technologies are the foundation that allow businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. At the core of the 3rd Platform are four pillar technology areas: Big Data and analytics, mobile, social, and cloud. These four technologies have caused a change in how we act, interact, buy, do business, and so forth. One of the biggest opportunities from the 3rd Platform is the ability to access, analyze, and act upon more data than ever before, allowing for new ways to innovate and drive value to the business.

What You Will Learn

In this IDC whitepaper we breakdown the influence of cloud on manufacturing is already profound and will only increase in the coming years. Indeed, traditional IT deployment models consume a decreasing amount of overall IT spend among manufacturers worldwide; however, shifting to cloud does not guarantee success.

In this whitepaper we will cover:

  • Drivers and Benefits of Cloud Adoption
  • Most Important Innovative Technologies Desired by Manufacturers
  • Importance of the Partner Community